Monday, 27 September 2010

Our Woodland

                                         This is part of our woodland behind our pitch!

Ann Chapman decided to introduce an enviromentaly friendly theme into our club aims. One of the intrests of the members was tree planting.
Her aim was enchancing biodiversity and creating a woodland for next generations.
The aim was acheived in two ways. First, planting trees and shrubs to increase a diversity of spaces for birds and insects. The second objective was to devlope a  pond to provide a natural habitat sutible for the species that inhabbit such enviroments.

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  1. Harry Cass has asked how the woodland came into being. It’s a story of hard work and dedication on the part of many, including “old” pupils from the Rousay School.

    The first ten years are documented with many illustrations (images and drawings) in the book Braes Woodland Diary – The First Ten Years. The school has a copy of the book in hard cover together with a CD-ROM.

    Go to page five, Harry. You will see just how the field looked behind the school kitchen all those many years back.

    Ann compiled the text and assembled the many images for publication. Ann and myself took most of the photos. We printed the book at Springfield and had it bound by a firm in Exeter.

    We have a large collection of images of the woodland in addition to those in the book.

    John Vetterlein